Fenestrae OMNI, the solution
for health information exchange.

Safe, reliable, and based on international standards
Fenestrae OMNI, the solution<br/>for health information exchange.
Secure exchange of a patient's medical information
Directly to known, trusted recipients
Integrated with existing hospital processes

Health Information Exchange

Fenestrae OMNI empowers healthcare providers to exchange medical information directly and securely. Any data relevant to patient healthcare, including procedure notes, lab results, prescription records, or imaging documents, is securely managed and routed to known, authorized recipients. Fenestrae OMNI ensures that a patient's critical information is never more than a few clicks away.


The intuitive design makes Fenestrae OMNI easy to use, especially for non-IT minded staff. Medical specialists will love it! Information from existing healthcare applications can be directly and safely exchanged between medical specialists. Fenestrae OMNI sends the encrypted data to authenticated and trusted recipients. Based on the message content, e.g. patient identification, the information can be stored in the patient's health record or hospital information system.


Fenestrae OMNI supports the exchange of basically any information:
  • Images (e.g. DICOM)
  • Outcomes such as PROMS, lab results and registrations
  • Integrated care referrals, consultations and transfer of care


Fenestrae OMNI is for any care provider and assures a patient's continuity of care with multiple providers. In the case of a referral, or transfer of care, Fenestrae OMNI assures that documents about that patient's healthcare are exchanged electronically, securely, and directly. The right information is made available to the right care provider for true patient-centric care.
If you solve the problem of information exchange, you save lives.
CEO Fenestrae, Wim de Koning shares experience of US healthcare trade mission.
Better outcomes
Reliability and quality of patient data
Based on international IHE standards
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August 19, 2015
Press Release "Standardizing patient/healthcare information exchange can save lives'
Fabien van 't Woudt, Product Manager, Fenestrae expresses commitment to IHE ambassadorship.
The Hague, August 19, 2015 - As an IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) ambassador, Van 't Woudt wants to support and evangelize IHE's objective: the coordinated use of established standards to address specific clinical needs in support of optimal patient care. "By solving information exchange problems, we achieve better outcomes, improve patient centric care and save lives", Van 't Woudt motivates his candidacy. "With IHE, medical specialists have access to relevant (or: the right?) information of their patients. This leads to better treatments and effectively results in a better outcomes. The collaboration between medical specialists and ICT suppliers is crucial in this. If ICT suppliers provide the solutions to exchange healthcare information, medical specialists can save lives. " Van 't Woudt is a strong believer of patient centric care. "IHE does not have to be an extensive process. If a hospital would handle only one IHE integration profile, it can already make a difference in communication, both within and outside the hospital. Ultimately, the patient benefits from this. With my IHE ambassadorship, I would like to convey this. " The interview with Fabien van 't Woudt is available in Dutch on the IHE website: http://www.ihe-nl.org/nieuws/fabien-van-t-woudt-over-ihe

July 30, 2015
Press Release: 'Dutch standard for patient data exchange too complex'
CEO Fenestrae, Wim de Koning reviews US Healthcare trade mission
During the visit of the Dutch Royal Couple to the US last June, Wim de Koning, CEO of Fenestrae, joined the trade mission with the Dutch Minister of Health, Edith Schippers. During this trip, De Koning was introduced to the American healthcare system and noted the established standards for the secure exchange of patient data. De Koning shares his experience on the IHE website. "It is interesting to learn that the US government requires the use of the IHE XDR standard for sharing information. Basically, this regulates the majority of the situations where data is being exchanged: referral based care, states De Koning. "However, the Dutch government opt for a more complex solution with XDS (Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing). Whereas the XDR-model is simple and widely supported by the industry. My advice would be to adopt the US approach and start simple." The interview with Wim de Koning is available in Dutch on the IHE website: http://www.ihe-nl.org/nieuws/met-het-koningspaar-en-de-minister-op-missie



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